January 2017
Issue 1



This first issue of Work in Progress focuses on the medium of paint, presenting interviews with five artists who represent a range of approaches and styles within contemporary painting today.  It’s long been clear that despite Paul Delaroche’s claim in 1839 that painting is dead, the reality is actually quite the opposite. 

The artists showcased in this issue are all critically engaged with challenging and evolving painting’s history both as a material and in terms of subject matter and representation.  As a result, this issue allows for an exploration into a sampling of questions, issues, and ideas currently circulating among these artists working today.  

Calli Moore’s sculptural, 3D panels of woven layers of piped-out paint question paint’s physicality and density as a form and object, while Sean Downey’s nonlinear figurative paintings are involved with disorienting the viewer’s narrative understanding of his pieces, experimenting with painting surfaces through creating ceramic panels and painting with underglaze.  Matthew F Fisher’s graphic landscape paintings are interested in examining personal and collective experiences of memory, challenging viewers to reexamine what they are perceiving as ‘real’.  This interest in ‘real space’ is dealt with also in Jessie Edelman’s textured and gestural figurative paintings.  Questioning what it means to make contemporary painting in the age of digital media, and layering perspectival windows within her works, Edelman’s pieces engage the viewer as a mirror to the work itself, confusing space in subtle ways.  Finally, Paige Turner-Uribe’s vividly narrative works explore captured moments of ‘inbetweeness’.  Uribe’s works play with a variety of captured images and source materials, thinking about found or random moments that are able to be transformed into evocative and personal scenes.

This first issue was incredibly exciting and rewarding to put together, and marks the beginning of a long-term project in engaging readers with contemporary visual artists’ work and practice.  Thank you to all the artists included in this issue for their time, energy, and support, and special thanks to Val Ocampo for partnering with me on the design and execution of this platform.


- Sholeh Hajmiragha